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    Thank you for your interest in the Jacksonville Umpires Association (JUA). For new prospects, welcome. The JUA is always in need of those who want to learn the skills of being an official. All training can be obtained within JUA and actual field assignments are tailored to the individual umpire's experience.

    For transfers or returning officials, As a fellow official, I look forward to meeting you and hearing a few “what if” stories.  If you have not been a member of JUA before, I hope to hit the highlights of things that you may encounter: If you want to join, please contact Fran Delaney at 904-881-5945 for further information.


                   The JUA membership conducts a business meeting once a month (schedule). JUA is sanctioned by many bodies including the Florida High School Athletic Association and currently has two main classes of membership: Schools membership division (for FHSAA recognized baseball and softball) and the Contract membership division (for non-FHSAA contests, including youth, adult and college level baseball and softball). To join the JUA, a new member must complete a membership application and pay the $50 annual fee and a $50 initiation fee. A member is then free to join one or both divisions. Although strongly recommended to new umpires in order that they may gain experience, joining the Contract membership division in order to officiate FHSAA baseball and softball is not required. 


                   The JUA Schools Booking Commissioner, Glenn Seltzer (904-233-0381), negotiates contracts with and schedules members to middle school, junior varsity and varsity high school baseball and softball. To join the Schools division, a new member must be accepted to JUA membership, pay JUA dues, complete a FHSAA application, and pay FHSAA registration fees . A FHSAA on-Line application is available or it can be obtained from the association after membership is accepted. Additionally, each Schools member pays a booking assessment per game  to the Schools Booking Commissioner as a scheduling fee. FHSAA conducts a mandatory rules clinic (January) and a mandatory written rules exam (February). The JUA Schools division provides free field and rules clinics November through January.


                   Similarly, the JUA Contract Booking Commissioner, Randy Olhausen (904-226-1414), negotiates contracts for and schedules members to contract games. The level of play goes from T-Ball to College in both sports of baseball and softball (slow & fast pitch). To join the Contract division, a new member must be accepted to JUA membership, pay JUA dues and complete applications and pay dues to applicable sanctioning organizations such as ASA, AABC, Babe Ruth, NSA, etc.  A game-by-game assigning fee is also collected by the booking commissioner. JUA Contract division provides field and rules clinics for newer umpires every Sunday starting February  and ending in March as well as one in September. In-depth training for this division is required for the first two years at a nominal cost.  

               If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact

Fran Delaney at 904-881-5945 for information. Use the links on the home page or send Email to ask for other information.


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