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Jacksonville Umpires Association, PO Box 551275, Jacksonville, FL 32255-1275

contact info

President Lou Hancock president 904-305-9537
Vice-President Fran Delaney vice-president 904-881-5945
Secretary Jim Carrado secretary 904-403-6243
Treasurer Randy Hosmer treasurer 904-537-8502
Sergeant at Arms Brian Alley sergeant-at-arms 904-487-3605
Schools Booking Commissioner Glenn Seltzer schools-commissioner
Contract Booking Commissioner Randy Olhausen contract-commissioner 904-226-1414
Schools  Member-at-Large
Kevin Fields schools-member-at-large 904-655-5580
Contract Member-at-Large
Steve Callahan contract-member-at-large 904-728-4576
Past President Larry Akin 904-477-2137
Web Site Larry Akin webumpire 904-477-2137
Official Correspondence General Mail juasect  



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Last updated: November 10, 2017