Calendar of Events


The August membership meeting is cancelled.

The next general membership meeting is Sunday September 14th @ 2pm Wolfson High School cafeteria.

E Board 2014/2015

President--Larry Akin
Vice President-- Gary Luke
Schools Booking Commissioner-- Glenn Seltzer
Contract Booking Commissioner--Randy Olhausen
Secretary-- Scott Schuessler
Treasurer--Randy Hosmer

Schools Member at Large--Brian Alley
Contract Member at Large--Holger Eurenger
Sergeant-at-Arms--Joe Crittenton

Want to become an umpire?

TO JOIN JUA contact Gary Luke at 904-210-8843 for further information.

Become an Official in NE Florida!

Make New Friends

Work outside

Become Physically Fit Give Back to the Community

Earn Extra Income

Learn More About the Sports

Your local high schools and neighborhood parks need umpires.

THE CHALLENGE of officiating can provide some great personal rewards. As an official you must make instantaneous decisions, resolve conflicts and deal with stress and pressure. You are in a position to be a positive role model around children and young adults.

Hey Blue! That was a great call!

Providing the training to be an umpire is JUA's charter mission.
If you are interested in joining please contact
Gary Luke at 904-210-8843
to further your professional goals in this area